If you’re going on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is plumbing problems that could happen while you’re gone. So before you finish packing, follow this guide from Mister Plumber so you can relax on vacation and not think about your plumbing in Toronto.

Turn Off the Water Supply to Your Plumbing in Toronto

Turn off the main shut off valve to your plumbing system or shut off individual shut off valves to your sinks, toilets, refrigerator and washing machine. Make sure the shut off valves have no leaks and are working properly and that nothing will need water while you’re away. This is the number one tip for vacationers for avoiding emergency plumbing in Toronto.

Check for Leaks in Your Plumbing in Toronto

Use this leak detection guide to look for common leaks around your home. Early detection can prevent problems from worsening while you’re away.  Address any leaks before you leave on vacation to prevent problems in your plumbing in Toronto.

Check Your Water Heater’s Plumbing in Toronto

Check your water heater for leaks, test the T&P valve and lower the thermostat to save on electricity while you’re gone. Lowering the thermostat will help you save money on your plumbing in Toronto.

Add Water to Drains to Prevent Smelly Plumbing in Toronto

Add some water and a drain maintenance product to your drains before you go on vacation. This will help to keep your drains moist which will prevent unpleasant odors coming from your plumbing in Toronto.

Get a Friend to Check Your Plumbing in Toronto

Lastly, have a trusted friend check the inside of your home while you’re away. He or she will be able to address any obvious problems and stop them from getting worse. Knowing that someone is checking in on your home can take a lot weight off your shoulders; you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation and forget about plumbing in Toronto.

Get a Professional Inspection for Your Plumbing in Toronto

If you want to go one step further, get a profession inspection from our trained experts. We can look for common leaks and other problems to make sure you have nothing to worry about while you’re away. We will make sure you can relax on vacation and not think about your plumbing in Toronto.

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