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Is your toilet showing signs of aging or frequent malfunctions? It might be time for an upgrade. Our licensed plumbers specialize in professional toilet installation, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Modern toilets not only resolve common issues but also contribute to water conservation, using 6 liters or less per flush and reducing your water bill.

Choosing a new toilet can be overwhelming, considering the multitude of brands and styles in the market. Our Toronto plumbers recommend assessing factors such as bowl and trapway size, water usage, quietness, surface coating, and a soft-close seat. Opting for a well-known brand ensures future availability of spare parts. Unsure about the right choice? Call Mister Plumber for expert phone consultations.

Toilet with bidet seat installation by Toronto plumber

Essential Insights on Toilet Installation:

Toilets come in various types, including traditional floor-mounted and wall-hung. Our licensed plumbers are proficient in installing both. Wall-hung toilets may require drain and plumbing alterations, along with a frame installation inside the wall with an integrated water tank. Traditional toilets, on the other hand, involve installation on a drain flange, usually 12″ or older 10″ from the back wall to the center of the pipe.

Our highly skilled technicians use new gaskets, bolts, and supply lines for installation. Depending on the bowl outlet and the depth of the toilet flange, the plumber selects the appropriate gasket type and thickness. During the hookup, we ensure that the toilet flange is securely attached to the subfloor, meeting plumbing codes. In cases where the floor or bottom of the toilet isn’t perfectly even, we use shims and silicone to prevent wobbling.

Wall-hung toilet frame installation

Factors Influencing Toilet Installation Costs:

The price for toilet replacement or installation is influenced by five key factors:
1. Whether the job includes supplying a new toilet or installing a customer-supplied one.
2. The type and style of the toilet, with some brands requiring separate rough-ins.
3. Additional tasks at the time of installation, such as fixing leaks in shut-off valves or broken flanges.
4. Inclusion of old toilet disposal in the installation process.
5. Add-ons like bidet seats.

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Modern style toilet and free-stand bathtub installation

As a Mister Plumber customer, you can trust our expertise in Toronto for not only toilet installation but also bathroom and kitchen renovations. Our services encompass drain and water line relocation, alterations, upgrades, and adding new fixtures.

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