Sooner or later, a toilet will not flush properly in your Toronto home. While it’s an inconvenience for sure, it’s also a problem that in most cases can be easily rectified. However, because there are many reasons behind it not working properly, care should be used when looking to solve the problem.

If there is any doubt as to the cause of the problem, it’s always smart to contact a Toronto plumber to assess the situation. Otherwise, what begins as a minor problem that is easily fixed could turn into a much bigger and much more expensive problem.

Clogged Rim Holes

Often a potential cause that is overlooked by many, clogged rim holes can greatly affect a toilet’s ability to properly flush. Over time, lime and various other minerals build up in the rim holes, eventually clogging them up.

When that happens, there is a decrease in pressure as well as volume of water to the bowl when it is flushed. If the holes are severely clogged, the toilet may be unable to be flushed.

A plumber in your Toronto area, can check the holes to see if they are clogged, and then manually clean each hole until they are free of dirt and debris.

Inadequate Water

In most toilet tanks, the water should fill to a spot equal to one inch under the top of the overflow tube. If this does not happen, the water level in the tank will be too low to let the toilet flush properly.

In some cases, the tank’s float ball can be used to increase the water level inside the tank. Since the ball is held in place by a metal arm, it can sometimes be manipulated by a plumber to rest higher and allow the water level to reach an acceptable level.

Clogged Toilet

When people attempt to flush too much toilet paper at once or flush certain materials that should not be flushed, the result can be a toilet that won’t flush properly because it is clogged.

In these cases, a plumber should be called to fix the problem immediately. An auger can be used by the plumber, which in most cases will solve the problem.

However, in cases of severe clogs, it’s possible the drain line will need to be replaced, which can prove to be costly. By making sure nothing is flushed down the toilet that could cause problems, this issue can be one that is easily avoided.

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