toilet repairWhile a toilet may seem like a very simple fixture in your Toronto home there can be an amazing array of different problems with this all important item in your home. When it comes to toilet repair it is often easier to allow a professional Toronto plumber to come in and fix it correctly so that you won’t have to worry about reoccurring problems that are common with many do-it-yourself types of fixes.

However, if you are unavailable to find a 24/7 emergency Toronto plumber there are some simple ways that you can do a temporary toilet repair or at least stop the problems caused by some of the most common issues.

Won’t Flush

If your toilet won’t flush and has no water in the tank look behind your toilet and you will see a valve or a tap. Check to make sure this is in the on or open position as this is the line that brings water into the tank. Sometimes kids play with them or the valves can get turned the opposite direction with cleaning.

When there is water in the tank but nothing happens when you depress the flush lever remove the tank top to complete this toilet repair. There will be a chain or cable that connects a rod from the flush lever to the top of the flap, actually called the flush valve, which is in the center of the bottom of the tank. If the chain is not connected simply put the hook attached to the chain through a hole on that rod or use a paper clip to create a temporary hook.

Tank or Toilet is Leaking or Running

If the tank is leaking around any parts of the bottom underside of the tank or if the toilet is constantly running check to make sure nothing is preventing the flush valve from closing. You may find that this is a toilet repair you can’t do much about but if it isn’t something simple or you can see the leak from a crack in the tank the easiest option may be to turn the intake valve and shut off the water supply and then flush the toilet.

While this isn’t really a toilet repair it will prevent further water from leaking out until your plumber can arrive. Finding a local 24/7 emergency plumber is also a good way to ensure that you don’t have to worry about toilet repair regardless of the time of day the problem is discovered.

With 24/7 emergency Toronto plumbing services we can handle any toilet repair problem.

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