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Modern toilets have evolved significantly from their older counterparts, featuring elongated bowl shapes, comfort heights of 17-19 inches, and water-efficient flush systems using 6 liters or less per flush. With various styles like skirted toilets and integrated tank-bowl designs, toilets have become more sophisticated. Some even offer bidet seats with warm water and LED lighting, enhancing both appearance and functionality.

Toilet Replacement by Licensed Plumbers

Common Toilet Issues We Address:

1. Clogged bowl trap
2. Slow drainage
3. Leak at the toilet base
4. Water hammer after flushing
5. Bowl overflow
6. Leak from the tank
7. Slow water filling in the tank
8. Frequently blocked
9. Running toilet
10. Hissing noise from the tank
11. Broken tank mechanism
12. Stuck or broken handle
13. Wobbling toilet

TOTO toilet installation

What Homeowners Should Know About Toilet Repair:

To address specific toilet issues, our plumbers use specialized tools and replacement parts. For instance, a water leak at the base may require reinstalling the toilet with a new gasket. Hissing noise might be due to a broken fill valve or faulty flapper, both of which can be replaced with universal parts. Clogged toilets are handled with precision tools to avoid damage. Our certified plumbers carry necessary equipment and universal parts for most toilet brand repairs.

Understanding the Cost of Toilet Repair:

Determining the cost of toilet repair involves considering three crucial factors:

1. Nature of Breakdown: The repair charge varies based on the nature of the issue. Simple problems, like a clogged toilet, may only require tools such as an auger or plunger. However, if there’s a broken mechanism inside the tank, it entails using new parts, making the service more expensive due to the cost of replacement parts.

2. Extent of Issue: Some signs of toilet failure might not immediately reveal the actual cause. For instance, a wobbly toilet may not indicate a problem with the toilet itself but rather a broken or improperly secured toilet flange. Issues like poor flushing can stem from a blockage in the pipe rather than the bowl, expanding the scope of repair work beyond the toilet itself.

3. Brand and Model of Toilet: Repair costs are influenced by the brand and model of the toilet. Certain brands and their replacement parts can be more expensive. Obtaining a new mechanism for a toilet tank may pose a challenge if not available in local stores, requiring homeowners or plumbers to order online. Wall-hung toilets often pose greater repair challenges compared to traditional floor-installed toilets. Discontinued products may render toilet repair impossible, necessitating the purchase of a new one.

Toilet installation by licensed plumber in Toronto

Why Mister Plumber is Your Best Choice for Toilet Repair:

✅ 20+ Years of Experience: Benefit from our extensive two-decade experience in handling diverse toilet repair scenarios.

✅ Fully Licensed and Insured: Trust in our services backed by full licensing and insurance, ensuring professionalism and compliance.

✅ Competitive Pricing: Enjoy competitive and transparent pricing for our top-notch toilet repair services.

✅ Honest and Reliable: We prioritize honesty and reliability in our service delivery, providing trustworthy solutions.

✅ Equipped with Modern Tools: Rely on our services, which are supported by modern tools, ensuring efficient and effective repairs.

✅ Well-Prepared with Common Parts: Our trucks are well-stocked with common parts, enhancing our preparedness to address your toilet repair needs promptly.

When Considering Toilet Replacement:

If your toilet faces parts scarcity, severe mineral buildup, or frequent breakdowns, upgrading to a new one is recommended. Water-saving options, such as dual flush and fully glazed trapways, enhance performance. Consider features like self-cleaning, antibacterial coatings, and the amount of solids flushed per flush. Opt for well-known brands for easy replacement part availability. One-piece toilets offer modern aesthetics and lower leak risks but may come at a higher cost. Choose a toilet using not less than 6 liters per flush for longevity.

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