If you are a Toronto homeowner, then you know that regular home maintenance can be one of the best investments you make in your home. Home maintenance isn’t necessarily restricted only to repairs. Certain simple tasks when performed regularly may actually prevent things in your home from breaking in the first place.

By efficiently taking care of routine chores before they escalate into expensive repairs, you can help keep your Baldwin Park home safe, comfortable and well managed.

With fall comes added home maintenance tasks for the homeowner. In order to keep your home in great shape before the rainy days come rolling in, be sure to do your research and always use a professional when necessary.

Here are The top 3 home maintenance disasters that can easily be avoided:

Frozen or Broken Pipes:

Broken or Frozen pipes can be an all too common occurrence seen during the cold winter months and during periods of extreme cold.

So take the time now to check pipes in poorly insulated parts of the home, like around and under sinks, walls, and in tight crawl spaces under the home to avoid disaster.

The air outdoors can severely damage your Baldwin Park Home pipes.Fix dripping taps. Even a very small water trickle can result in a frozen pipe. Frozen and broken pipes can easily compound into extremely expensive water losses if not treated immediately and appropriately. So how can you avoid a frozen or busted pipe before this winter?

Put pipe sleeves on at-risk pipes to insulate them and remember keep the home consistently heated even if you leave for a few days. Get a neighbor or friend to check on your home regularly when you go on vacation.

You can also open cupboard doors to allow warm air to circulate freely into areas like under the sink. This will also avoid any mold that excess moisture can lead to.

Clogged Drains:

Clogged drains can be detrimental to your home when found on the lowest level of the home. When clogged drains are found beneath the surface, and are not just an uncomplicated clogged sink or shower drain which can usually be a quick fix using few mild chemicals. Stopping clogs can be a formidable battle fought on two fronts.

First, you should be careful about what goes down into your drain. Second, be sure to regularly flush or remove any small debris that can unavoidably form in any drain.

Serious problems are the result of tree roots damaging the drainage system and preventing water from exiting properly. Call a plumbing without delay if you should experience any serious damage.

Hot Water Heaters:

Hot water heaters can be expensive and are unfortunately a necessity. In order to keep your water heater running smoothly, your hot water heater needs to be minimally maintained.

Flushing the tank and checking the anode rod should be done annually to avoid any malfunctions. Adding insulation can be implemented to reduce heat loss by up to 45 percent monthly and can save you as much as 9 percent off of your water-heating bill.

Using a Professional Toronto Plumber

The plumbing systems in your home perform a critical function to the comfort of your daily life. That’s why our you should always call a plumbing professional before tackling any serious issue found in or around your home.

Often, you will only damage your home more by trying to fix a serious problem. Leave all necessary and extreme issues to your highly trained local Toronto plumber. They will have experience working with all different types of plumbing issues and problems to avoid a fall maintenance disaster.

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