As Toronto homeowners or apartment dwellers, we have all had the most unfortunate experience of a toilet overflowing and raw sewage spilling out onto the floor.  And these things usually happen at the worst possible time – like when you’re in the middle of a holiday party or at 2:00 in the morning. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s a toilet, kitchen sink or bathtub drain line, a stoppage in a drain line is a big pain in the you know what.  And always ends up costing you money.

Toronto Plumbing – Preventing Drain Line Back ups

There are some simple preventive measures that you can take to reduce your chances of one of these backups happening to you.  Some examples are:

Kitchen sink

Clean plates off into the trash and not the sink (Grinding food up in the garbage disposal does not solve the problem and will eventually wear the disposal out)

Never pour grease down the drain (The old adage that if you pour hot grease down the drain is Okay – it’s not.  The grease will eventually cool and harden in the lines)

Laundry room drain lines are usually tied into the kitchen sink drain line and you may experience a back up in the washing machine that was caused by what you have let go down the kitchen sink drain.


Clean dishes off (into the trash) before placing them in the dishwasher

Bathtubs / Showers / Sinks

Make sure that your bathtub drain has a screen cover on it and your sink has a popup assembly.  The typical bathtub and sink stoppages are caused by an accumulation of hair, residual pieces of soap and grease.

Toilet Stoppages

On the average you can expect 1 – 3 toilet stoppages per year so you need to be extremely careful about what you flush down the toilet.

Never flush anything down the toilet that is not toilet tissue, even if the manufacturer claims that their product is “flush-able”.  This includes baby wipes, sanitary products and even some of the “extra fluffy” toilet tissue. 

Also never plant trees or shrubs over top of sewer lines.  The roots will search for a water source and actually grow through the pipe and cause the line to break.

Toronto Plumbing – Preventive Measures

If you notice that your drain lines are starting to drain slower than normal try pouring about 1/4 cup of dish washing liquid down your sink and bathtub drains and then follow it up with some steaming hot water to clear the grease and food particles from the sides of the drain pipe.

If your toilet doesn’t flush completely, try adjusting the water level.  If your toilet is several years old…you may need to replace it due to the accumulation of calcium inside the bowl.

The commercial drain cleaners on the market are made up of caustic chemicals and should only be used sparingly.  Excessive use can weaken the walls of your drain lines and cause them to break.

Remember, never let a plumbing problem try to work itself out.  It will only get worse.  If you can’t clear a drain with a plunger, then you need to call an experienced and licensed Toronto plumber right away – so you don’t have the toilet or sink backing up during your party or in the middle of the night.

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