Ben in Toronto

Very professional and punctual. The front yard looks exactly like it did before the job. (They hand dug an 11 foot deep hole to replace a broken tree-root infested 1920’s era house trap with a back-water valve – to qualify for a subsidy from the city of Toronto).

They also replaced a broken “y” pipe that connects the neighbour’s sewer to mine (beyond the backwater valve) on the way out to the street at no additional charge. Total cost was/will be $2800 Parts&Labour + $364 HST – $1250 Mail-in Subsidy = a grand total of $1914.

I’m very happy with their service.

Edit: I forgot to mention they also installed 2 clean out pipes on either side of the back-water valve (1 facing towards house, 1 facing towards street) for easy snaking in the future.

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