Gab and Amanda from Toronto

We have used Mister Plumber in the past and were so happy with their work that we had them back to complete our largest plumbing project.

We needed to replace our hundred year old sewage drain.

It ran the length of our basement to the city line. We had a backwater valve installed as well.

Mister Plumber offered a very reasonable quote for the job and timely start date for the project.

They arrived on time secured areas that may be affected by excavation so as to protect the landscape and other parts of the home. There was a need to remove our front staircase (which was in terrible condition to begin with) but they were very careful and secured it back on to the porch without problem. They were very polite and walked us through the steps to the process. As a household that has had lots of contractors come through, perhaps the most significant component was the way in which Mister Plumber left all areas incredibly clean and tidy, to the point where you’d never know work was done at all.

We trust this company and would only hire them for any further plumbing work.

Good job and thank you!

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