R Thompson from Toronto

I have hired Alex twice now and both times we made appointments and he showed up on time.

He had very practical advice that saved money and he was extremely professional. In the first case, we had water that kept flooding onto our hardwood from a laundry closet.

Multiple visits by other plumbers had failed to find the problem. Alex spent a great deal of time examining the pipe, above and beyond the usual efforts–augering etc.– and he found a plumber’s tool from another plumber that had been blocking the pipe.

Mystery solved!

On the other recent visit he saved us quite a bit of money by recommending a repair to an existing faucet that was dripping, instead of dragging out the dishwasher etc. and installing a brand new faucet.

And in a refreshing change from so many other plumbers I’ve worked with, Alex didn’t have to book a second visit-he had all the parts right in his truck.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alex.

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