In certain areas of Toronto and around the Canada a public sewer back up may cause a flooded basement. This back up can be due to heavy rains or over development in the area causing the system sewer to be over burdened. Other possible causes of a sewer back up could be a malfunctioning city sewer, a high groundwater table, although there are various other reasons. As in all of these cases a sewer back up does not mean that the house sewer is defective or needs to be cleaned. Many times the solution to stopping a flooded basement from happening and stopping a public sewer back up is by installing a sewer check valve, also known as a backwater check valve. A sewer check valve is a one-way valve that only lets water out, and automatically closes when water attempts to enter the house drain system. A sewer check valve (backwater check valve) is a very simple and dependable device. Once installed a sewer check valve needs maintenance once or twice a year to make sure it is clear of any debris or sediment that may block the flapper in the valve. This maintenance is done in a couple minutes by removing four screws with any number of simple tools. No special skill or tools are needed, and this maintenance will ensure many years of dependable operation.

Only Toronto plumbers licensed and insured in your municipality should be trusted with an installation involving your house sewer system.

Here is what to expect when you call a licensed Toronto plumber to inquire about a sewer check valve due to a flooded basement issue from a sewer back up:

  • A discussion of your sewer back up issue over the phone or a prompt response to any web site inquiry by an experienced sewer professional.
  • A free on-site visit by an experienced field representative with no obligation whatsoever.
  • If the site visit determines that a sewer check valve will solve the problem, you should receive a free written quote explaining the installation with no obligation.

What to expect from a sewer check valve installation from a licensed Toronto plumber:

  • Work started and completed in one day with no sub-contracting.
  • If required or appropriate most sewer check valve installations include a new water tight sewer pit with a matching fitted cover.
  • All disturbed cement professionally restored using concrete that is water proof.
  • A work site left broom clean.
  • A written guarantee.
  • A completed installation performed at the quoted price.
  • The end of public sewer back ups flooding your basement from your house sewer.

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