Toronto-Hydro-Jetting-ServiceHydro Jetting is a service commonly offered by a Toronto plumbing contractors. The name suggests, to the hawk-eyed amongst us, that is has something to do with water and jets, but that does not make anything clearer, really. In many ways, this baffling talk of “water” and “jets” can cause extensive psychological damage. So here are some frequently asked questions about hydro jetting services offered by Toronto plumbers.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Good question! Bear with us now. It’s not as simple as it sounds. This is definitely one of the frequently asked questions a plumbing contractor is faced with. Hydro jetting or hydro “scrubbing”, as we in the business call it, is the process of scouring sewer pipes with streams of high-pressure water shot from a hose at 3500 psi. The jet streams are so powerful they can slice clean through a cement mixer like a pound of butter and blow a bison to smithereens from 20ft away. It also fulfils its main purpose, which is to clear blockages and debris in sewer lines. We hope that’s cleared it up for you.

How does it work?

So we’ve “explained” what it is but not what it does. OK then. It is performed through what we like to call a “cleanout”, an accessible opening that is fitted in all pipes and intended for cleaning. A hydro jetter consists of a large water tank and a hose capable of withstanding high pressures (see above: annihilation of cement mixer/bison). The process involves blasting jets of water up the pipes, against gravity (don’t ask us to go into gravity please), to allow the blockage and debris to fall down the pipe, again with the help of gravity (we said don’t ask about gravity).

When do I need to use Hydro Jetting?

Phew! Genuinely thought you were going to ask, “What is gravity?” there. Easy, this. Hydro jetting services offered by a plumbing contractor are used for clogs that other methods, like traditional snaking techniques can’t unblock. These include stubborn roots and built up mineral deposits. Hydro jetting is recommended for use before pipe relining, as without it the new lining will struggle to adhere to a dirty sewer pipe.

What are the benefits of it?

Where to begin? The benefits of it are many and varied. It easily cuts through stubborn blockages like roots or built up mineral deposits (or cement mixers or bisons if they are causing you drainage problems). Its high-pressured jet streams allow for a deeper penetration into the blockage and the cleaning service does not require the digging up of pipes for cleaning.

Hopefully these FAQs have answered all your questions about hydro jetting. Your local Toronto plumbing contractor would recommend you have your pipes serviced annually to prevent hardened build-ups from occurring.

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