Hi, do you handle drain laterals?

I may have an issue with my main drain that I’d like to check. There is no immediate problem, but a shower in the basement is draining slower than usual, and when I looked at the main drain (cleanouts inside and outside the house) I can see that the whole main drain pipe is flooded (standing water, seems like for the whole diameter), so basement drain pipe connection is submerged. It still seems to drain mostly fine from there (flushing a lot of water doesn’t seem to noticeably raise the level in the cleanouts.

The lateral wasn’t flooded several months ago when I last checked, so certainly something has changed. The interesting thing is that water is standing even in the cleanout that is almost right next to the city line. Also, I tried to snake/reel in all directions from the cleanouts, and could go for ~40-50ft without hitting anything substantial.

I’d like to figure out what is going on, and fix the cause before it becomes an emergency. So, what can you do for me, and how does your pricing work? Do you have access to drain camera/drain cleaning machine/waterjetting if necessary? How much these would cost?

I have a regular 4″ PVC lateral, with cleanouts inside the house, and 2 cleanouts outside (both directions).


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