With new solutions coming forward on a daily basis, there are a few options when you are looking for the best modern repair techniques out there. Depending on your sewers, the type of system you have in place, and the solution that is easiest and most affordable for you, there are a few options for you to choose from as a home or a business owner, when you decide to call a local Toronto plumbing company to do the work for you, and use some of the latest modern options for repair for the plumbing lines.

Transforming Rain Water into Useful Source

Some of the companies that use “green” technologies, are going to turn rain water to a useful source for your plumbing system. The modern sewer repair techniques used here will: collect and filter the rain water, then purify it so that it can be a source of drinking water. In addition to being a “green” solution, it is also going to save the home owner hundreds or thousands of dollars annually, by not having to buy bottled water.

Epoxy Water Lines

This solution is going to take waste water to a city’s main plumbing line. The system is going to come with epoxy piping, which never leak, crack, or break. This system is going to save on water sources, and will take water and recycle it, to various individuals in the local area. This system is resourceful, clean, and is going to guarantee a savings for the city, as well as the many companies and homes that the waste water is being supplied to.

Trenchless Water Supply

This is one of the most modern repair sewer techniques that are out there. This technology is going to replace a pipe, without having to tear down a wall or go through the floors to install. This is a simple solution to a water leak, and it is going to be one of the quickest plumbing fixes out there. The technology basically requires insertion of the new pipe, and split the old one that is in place. This is done simultaneously, so this means that the entire process is going to be done within a couple of hours time, and it is going to be an easy solution to take care of damage and any repair work that has to be done to older pipes and sewer systems that you may have in place.

Under Slab Tunneling

If the broken or damaged pipe is close to the external wall, this is one solution you can use when you are considering the best and most modern sewer repair techniques to the problem. It is also the chosen method if extensive sewer repair or replacement is going to be required. A hole will be dug from the external wall, and the work is going to take place below ground, beneath the slab foundation, and will to through to where the damage is, and to the pipes that need to be repaired or replaced. This solution allows the plumbing company to easily reach the pipes that are dug below ground, and are deeper or difficult to reach. It requires only a few steps, and it is going to ensure no damage to the additional plumbing fixtures around a building, home, or other structure.

Most companies today are going “green” and are using the most environmentally friendly means of doing the sewer repair work that has to be done, or for replacing damaged pipes and plumbing systems. Although the trenchless water piping system is one of the most popular options used, and is one of the cheaper options for a business owner to consider, there are other solutions to turn to as well when you are looking for the best and latest options for repair or replacement of damaged pipes. Since there are a number of options to consider when you want to go with the most modern techniques, you do have to consider all of them, and call around to ensure you find the best company to do the work for you. No matter which options you use, these are some eco friendly options, and some of the easiest repair methods to consider, when any work has to be done.

Mister Plumber in Toronto ON has the technology, resources, and manpower to repair any sewer system using the best modern methods available today.

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