We called three plumbers, first was a friend’s brother, the second was another plumber from Homestars and the third Mister Plumber. Mister Plumber was the only one who called us back or answered the phone. We are renovating our basement and wanted to install a shower, kitchen sink, move the laundry area, toilet and sink and Vlad gave us estimates of what each would cost over the phone. When we asked if he could come over to give us some ideas and a more detail quote, the very personable Igor came over within a couple of days and recommended the backwater valve and replacing the clay pipes in our basement since we were digging and installing so many new drains anyway. We thought the price he quoted was very reasonable and given the reviews on Homestars, we didn’t think we could do much better elsewhere – Plus we didn’t want to waste time calling more plumbers who may not even call us back. Once we were ready for the work to begin, their plumbers came within two days (no waiting around!), dug up more than half our basement with trenches, installed the drains, filled everything back, and was done within a week (half of the time was waiting for the inspector). It was absolutely amazing to see how quickly and efficiently they worked. They were also friendly, courteous and on time. Vlad made sure we kept the info needed for the backwater subsidy application and answered our questions promptly and quickly. I don’t know when or if Vlad sleeps since he always answers the phone and responds to emails late at night. The level of customer service and quality of work is simply superb all around. I’m so relieved and happy we went with Mister Plumber.

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