Radek from Toronto

Had Andrew and another young gentleman from Mister Plumber in for 2.5hrs – And they were TOP NOTCH!

I noticed water beginning to come through my laminate floor in the basement, and notice a hissing noise from the ceiling in the basement. I shut my water off to the house , and began to call any top rated Home Stars plumbing company that could make it to my house same day, on a Sunday, out of the blue in the afternoon.

Allow by to lay out my experience:

1) Andrew from Mister Plumber was the first to call me back from the 6 other companies I called, given that he was the 5th call I made. That’s amazing urgency in my books.

2) Mister Plumber also did not go through some extensive process of dealing with a Call Center, having them get your info, and than having them tell me that “we don’t have anyone available today”. Why would any company waste my/your time when you tell them that you’re calling for emergency same day service upfront, get all your info, to say we’re not available? Mister Plumber heard my Voice Mail, called back swiftly, and came out same day within 2.5 hrs!

3) Andrew and another younger gentleman showed up, looked professional, were very polite, and go down to business. They layed out sheets on the floor to protect it, and wore covers on their boots not to dirty the floor.

4) As they did the repair, Andrew was very detailed on having me understand the root cause, what he had to do, why, and taught me what I need to do to prevent future issue (this was important as I had poor insulation that I was unaware of).

5) Following the work, Mister Plumber cleaned the entire mess since they had to cust out drywall, and got rid of all the garbage. To me, these are the little details that I don’t want to deal with, so I really appreciated their courtes.

6) Andrew, although he did not have to, noticed a potential future issue with my laundry sink. This was something he made me aware of, and told me what to do to prevent a future issue. He also advised me of something to do with an older toilet.

In summary, this was a 10 out of 10 experience!

Problem was fixed, was done promptly, professionally, I was educated, and was consulted in areas beyond the service I requested.

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