You can neither see nor can feel sewer gas, but you and everyone who lives in the house, can. It is a nauseous decaying grass or rotting eggs stench that if left untreated can permeate the inside of the entire house and can be hazardous to the health as well. The strong pungent stench of the gas comes from the sulfur dioxide that it contains and makes sewer odor detection an easy task. Apart from the health hazard that it poses, the excessive build-up has the potential to explode. It generally emanates from plugged or choked traps, pipes or drains that are either leaking or dry.

Which Areas Are Most Susceptible?

The drainpipe that leads out of your kitchen sink is highly prone to blockage as is the bathtub drain. Grease, food particles and hair can form mulch that eventually gets enmeshed with all the fibers and clogs the drain. These generally get trapped in the P-shaped trap that is under the kitchen sink. It throws the gas back into your home. This gas is combustible and getting rid of odor is only one part of the problem. The larger, more critical one is that of dealing with the clogged drain and getting rid of the root of the problem. The methane that it contains can make you sick

Get A Plunger And Call In The Plumber

If you feel that this problem is not something that you can deal with effectively, call in a plumber.

Before that, there are some basic things that you can do to solve the issue:

• Identify the exact drain that is blocked by checking for the strongest smell. That is the drain that will have to be either lubricated or cleaned out.
• Anti-blockage agents are easily available and they come with detailed instructions. They contain strong reactants that dissolve the mulch and unclog the drain
• Pouring a couple of gallons of boiling-hot water down the drain can prove to be helpful as well
• Unscrew the P-trap and remove all the dirt that has accumulated there.
• Alternatively, you could also insert a thick malleable wire into the drain and try to un-wedge the dirt. Try to pull out as much of the dirt you can
• If you are unsuccessful in clearing the drain, pour some cooking oil into it. The oil forms a layer over the clog and seals off the smell.

Consider all these to be first-aid measures of dealing with sewage gas leakage in your house. If these simple steps don’t help you will have to call in and expert. There are plumbing companies that have effective sewer odor detection and elimination techniques and will help with clearing out that drain within no time.

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