If you live in an Toronto area that is known for heavy rainfall or excess snow, you’ve probably heard the countless tales of misery and woe from other homeowners who have had to deal with flooding in the basement due to low-quality sump pump installation. After the worst storms, plumbers have to be called in to drain water from basements and crawl spaces, resulting in homeowners having to pay large sums of money while hoping that the damage to their possessions are kept to a minimum. These nightmarish scenarios can be avoided by investing in a high quality sump pump. However, all pumps are not created equally, so lower-quality systems can be unreliable.

If you have a sump pump installed and you experience a power outage, you may no longer have a system that works. You should be concerned if you lose power in an intense rainstorm, as when a fuse blows, the system can be affected. It can also be damaged if it is accidentally unplugged. If you’re looking for a generator to back up your system if the power goes out, consider the following: Will you always be home to start the generator in case the power dies? Can I set the generator to start up automatically if I am out of the house? Will the generator be able to keep the house powered until the power comes back on? If you don’t think a generator will be the reliable answer, consider investing in a battery backup pump system as a solution to waterproofing your basement. If the pump system is able to stay on with a backup battery, you’ll find that it can handle thousands of gallons on a single charge.

If you invested in a cheap sump pump, such as a plastic system, you can expect that it will be a matter of time before it fails. Pump systems made out of cheap material usually will experience mechanical failure at some point. If they don’t have a strong sump liner, you can certainly count on it getting clogged due to dirt and debris. Consider installing a backup system, as you can feel confident that it will remove any water from the basement in case your main system fails. Considering the cost of fixing a damaged basement full of your prized possessions, investing in another pump to keep your house dry might not be a bad idea.

If your house ends up in the middle of a rare torrential downpour, your sump pump system may get overwhelmed with the excess volumes of foundation water. The pump will cease to function properly and you basement can flood. In order to avoid your main system from getting overwhelmed, you should again consider a backup pump. While intense amount of rain can be rare, it can be damaging to your home. If you live in an area that tends to have issues with rain or snow every year, consider doing everything it takes to avoid flooding in your basement.

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