Toronto-home-plumbing-systemWhen you think of getting a plumber it’s normally because something has broken or is in need of repair. A Toronto plumber isn’t just for when things go wrong. Getting regular checkups to your Toronto home’s plumbing system has common benefits. What follows are three of them for you to consider.

Prevent Damage to Your Toronto Home and save Money

Damaged plumbing that is undetected can cause severe damage to your home. The damage you prevent includes wood decay, rot, mold, and other water damage. This type of damage doesn’t happen overnight. Structural damaged, which is caused by moisture, is often the result of slow leaks or old rusted pipes. Having a plumber come in to check your system on a regular basis can detect this damage before it becomes too severe and the damage becomes irreversible.

Water damage is a common claim one a lot of homeowner’s insurance. Here you can run into a problem, as plumbing repair neglect is often not covered. This is because you’re seen as avoiding routine maintenance. A yearly inspection makes sure there’s no leaking in your pipes, the supply lines, your crawl spaces, or your drainage system. Simple plumber upkeep is worth the time and money as opposed to costly repairs

Avoiding Costly Future Issues and Annoyances

Avoiding costly repairs covers a lot of area. Having a plumber check your plumbing system means small problems can be detected and fixed before becoming larger problems. The massive rot in your baseboards started with a simple leak that could have been fixed had it been discovered earlier. The pipe that burst in your bathroom likely had some form of leak or damage. Had a plumber checked it earlier it could have been fixed before bursting. Doing this would have cut down on damage to the pipe, the water leaking into the bathroom, and avoided lost time and emergency repair.

Also ignored leaks may not always lead to thousands of dollars in damages due to a collapsed floor but they do lead to higher water bills. These add up and compound over the life of your home ownership. Also lack of efficient plumbing can cause day-to-day bothers like weak water pressure, lack of hot water, and a less then optimal shower system.

Keep Home Value High and Insurance Low

Having a regular plumber inspection helps keep your home insurance down. When a home inspector sees signs of water damage to a home your rates go up. Visual signs of damage not only increase your rates but they decrease your home’s value. Due to inspection this known water damage issue will come up if you ever try to sell your home. Existing damage will reduce your home’s value and will decrease any amount you were seeking in a sale.

Your home is an investment. Having regular plumber checkups is part of the investment. Just like you wouldn’t let your car burn all its oil due to lack of oil changes, you wouldn’t do the same to your home. Luckily many plumbing services offer checkup plans. These routine protection plans go through a detailed checklist, as the plumber makes sure your plumbing is in good health. These plumber reviews check everything from the external fixtures to the water heating system. They also assure your meter is in working order. Also if a problem is discovered a plumber will often offer repair at a fair rate. You should never ignore small signs of damage as simple annoyances. A small leak could be a big problem in a year or two. So make sure to have annual plumber inspections and maintenance as needed.

No matter which part of the country you live in, the possibility of a flood exists. You don’t have to live along the coast or adjacent to one of the nation’s great rivers to be a potential flood victim. Small rivers can overflow their banks, hurricanes can travel hundreds of miles inland, and ferocious rainstorms can hit every corner of the country. Mother nature is not the only thing that can cause flooding; damaged levies or dams, a broken water heater, a leaky pipe, or damage to a city’s water pipe outside the home can cause potential floods and water damage.

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a flood, no matter how minor, the first thing you should do is to try to dry out the home as quickly as possible. Lowering the humidity inside the home is essential to saving your house. Open the doors and windows as long as the humidity is not too high outside, use a dehumidifier, or try a desiccant, which is a chemical that can aid in reducing the dampness in your home.

Once you have dome everything possible to reduce the humidity in your home, it is time to begin salvaging items in your house. You should sort your items in to four categories – things that were untouched by the flood, things that were damaged but can be saved, items that were damaged beyond repair, and garbage. Take out the garbage immediately so it does begin to rot, smell, and attract insects.

Once you have all your items categorized and taken care of, you should begin to dry and clean all areas of your home. Mold and mildew can form quickly and spread even faster – dry and clean as best you can. Using normal household cleaning products and disinfectants should do the trick. Thoroughly clean and disinfect one room at a time to ensure that the job is done thoroughly and to minimize the overwhelming nature of the task. If the job appears to be too big, hire a professional. You want to take care of the mold and mildew as it can cause many health problems if left unchecked.

Once you have done all the preliminary cleaning, drying, and salvaging, you should have your home inspected. This will ensure that you have removed all potential areas of mold and mildew. You should also contact your insurance company to see what, if any, coverage you have for floods. The last task is to repair or rebuild any areas of your home that were damaged. Getting a building permit if needed and hiring the services of a professional contractor are recommended for this part of the recovery process.

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