A hot tub cover is not just another item that a salesman wants to convince you to buy. A cover for your hot tub has many important benefits. If you purchase a good quality cover you will also find them to be easy to use and not an inconvenience.

A hot tub cover keeps things out of your hot tub. Unless you really enjoy relaxing with bugs floating around you, you should keep your tub covered when not in use. The cover will keep out wind blown leaves and dirt that make your maintenance more difficult. It also prevents too much rain water from entering the hot tub. While rain water may not be a bad thing over a period of time it can throw off your chemical balance.

For hot tubs that are not used frequently a cover will prevent the tub water from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They are just as likely to make a home in your hot tub as they are in any standing body of water. A simple cover will keep your tub clean for your enjoyment.

Safety reasons make a hot tub cover even more important. A quality cover will keep curious children out. A small child can fall in and drown just as easily in a hot tub as any type of pool. A covered hot tub will also not attract thirsty wild life or household pets. Even if your hot tub is fairly well enclosed you would not enjoy finding a mouse or other critter drinking before you soak.

Hot tub covers also keep things in your hot tub. Your water will stay in your tub when not in use. A covered tub will have less evaporation and will not need to be filled as frequently. This helps you with your maintenance as the chemical balance will be more stable. A cover will also keep heat in. The less heating of the water that you need to do the less electricity you consume. Your tub will reach your desired temperature more quickly and you may even find that you can enjoy it without the heating element turned on.

Fitted hot tub covers are best but any cover that you can secure will work just as well. If your cover becomes worn out replace it to prevent it from contaminating your tub. You may even want to consider a solar hot tub cover. A solar cover will help you save even more money on the expense of heating your hot tub.

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