Employment growth for plumbers is faster than average and job opportunities are expected to continue to increase, due in part to residential plumbing repair and maintenance demands. While plumbing problems are inevitable, homeowners are learning the value of do-it-yourself projects. Whether they are budget-conscious or just like the satisfaction of performing their own repairs, these savvy homeowners are learning how to both troubleshoot and perform preventative maintenance to resolve plumbing problems throughout the home, and especially in places like the shower.

Clogged Showerhead

A clogged showerhead is a common plumbing problem that will result in a decreased water flow, while a severe clog will prevent any water from coming out of the showerhead. Debris and mineral deposits are the culprits behind this problem; however, the solution is quite simple. Unscrew the showerhead and remove any visible debris. Then soak the showerhead in vinegar to dissolve mineral deposits.

Leaky Showerhead

A leaky showerhead wastes money and water. Showerhead leaks are usually the result of a worn or faulty part on the showerhead. If you’ve had the showerhead for a long time, or if it is broken or shows signs of corrosion, you should probably just replace it. However, if it is still in good condition, you may either have a worn rubber washer or a defective shower cartridge inside the showerhead. Or, you may have a faulty diverter valve (which is the mechanism that allows you to direct water either to the showerhead or the tub faucet).

Temperature Fluctuations

Oscillating temperatures are another shower-related plumbing problem, and can be caused by one of several issues. A clog in the showerhead may be preventing the hot water from flowing. The temperature on the water heater may need to be increased. The water shutoff valve (located behind the shower plate) may be closed and simply needs to be opened. Or you may have rusty pipes that need to be replaced.

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