Any homeowner should have the ability to clear a drain clog in just a couple of hours or less with a few tips, and a bit of patience! Read on for six sewer and drain cleaning tips to help you obliterate any clog!

1.  Not Too Clogged? Sewer and Drain Cleaning Tips That Will Naturally Fix Your Problem

Before you try the heavy hitting sewer and drain cleaning solutions, for moderately congested kitchen drains, there is a homemade concoction that promises outstanding results. Pour one-half cup of baking soda down the drain, immediately followed by one-half cup of white vinegar. Let the mixture set in the sink for approximately three hours, and then rinse with boiling hot water. Using this compounded mixture weekly can keep your drains odor and clog-free.

2.  Bigger Clogs? It’s Time to Remove the Trap!

For larger drainage blockages, it’s time to move on to more advance sewer and drain cleaning resolutions, such as removing the p-trap. The p-trap is the u-shaped pipe located under the sink. To unclog your drain, you must remove and clean out the trap. Before taking the trap apart, place a bucket underneath it to catch any water or debris that comes out during removal. Using a wrench, unscrew the metal slip nuts one-half a turn. This enables you to now loosen them by hand and unscrew the trap. Remove all of the blockages and debris from the trap. To reassemble the p-trap, tighten the slip nuts by hand, then tighten them with a wrench. Ensure that the nuts are properly tighten to avoid leaking.

3. It’s Plunging Time! How a Common Plunger Can Suction Out the Impossible Blockage

A common plunger has the ability to unstop a clog like no other sewer and drain cleaning method can. If you cannot clear the clog with cleaning the p-trap, then try plunging with a common plunger.

To begin the plunging process, first remove the stopper from the drain to get a broader opening. To attempt to dissolve the blockage, pour a cup of boiling water down the drain. To guarantee proper suction, fill the sink with enough tap water to cover the rubber section of the plunger. Now, place the plunger directly over the drain and forcefully push down and pull several times. If you have removed the clog, the water will empty out of the sink.

4.  My Toilet is Clogged! How Do I Dislodge an Obstruction?

To remove a clog from a toilet, one of the best sewer and drain cleaning tips is to use a force ball-type plunger. This type of plunger inflicts much more pressure for blockage removal than regular suction cup plungers. A force ball plunger is also specifically designed to fit a toilet. To unclog your toilet with a force ball plunger, you may need to remove or add water to the toilet bowl. If the toilet is overflowing, some water may need to be removed. If there is not much water in the bowl, then water will need to be added for the plunger to correctly work.

Place the plunger into the toilet, angling it so that it sealed firmly over the drainage hole. Vigorously push the plunger up and down several times. Next, remove the plunger and flush. If the water easily goes down, the clog has been removed. Still sluggish? Try plunging a few more times. If you still have problems, you may need professional assistance.

5.  Unclogging My Bathroom Sink Using What?

Sometimes you can fix problems with items that you find lying around the house. This sewer and drain cleaning tip for unclogging the bathroom sink involves only two things: a paperclip and a hanger! To begin the process, you must remove any debris that is at the top of the pipe. Using a bent paperclip, reach under the stopper and take out any of the debris. Run hot water in the sink. If the water runs smoothly, it may be the resolution to your problem.

Still clogged? Take a straightened coat hanger and thrust one end down the drain. Move the hanger in a circular motion to loosen the clog. Push the hanger as far down the drain as possible. Finally, to force the clog out of the drain, run warm water in the sink.

6.  Help! My Bathtub is Stopped Up. Any Sewer and Drain Cleaning Tips for Me?

The best way to unclog a bathtub drain is with something called a drain snake. A “snake” is a long, flexible steel cable that is wound on a handle. To remove a clog in a bathtub drain, you must feed about three feet of the snake down through the overflow plate opening, turning it as you push forward. As you work the snake through the trap underneath the drain, you will feel some resistance, however, the turning motion will help move the head through. The snake works by either your turning, hooking the snake onto the clog and you removing it, or the snake itself breaking up the clog.

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