Oh no,  a clogged toilet. You know that sinking feeling when the flush your toilet and it  just doesn’t sound right. You turn to see that the water is just not going down – or worse  the water level is on an upward incline, like lava overflowing from a volcano.

Dealing with a clogged toilet is never pleasant, and it can be extremely annoying. However, it is usually not a job that requires the expertise of a plumber. Clogged toilets can often be fixed relatively easy with these 5 plumbing tips unclogging your toilet or less. Hopefully, less

Tools Needed to Unclog Your Toilet

  • a gallon bucket, pot, mop bucket, etc
  • A toilet plunger
  •  Toilet Auger:

5 Steps To Unclogging Your Toilet

  1. Your first step in unclogging your toilet is to put on some rubber gloves and put down some old newspaper or towels you are willing to part with on the floor. If it overflows, you’re not going to want what comes out all over your bath room floor.
  2. Next, get a bucket of cold water and pour it down the drain. You want the water to have some pressure behind it, so stand up and pour it from around chest level. Make sure not to pour too fast – if the water is not helping to push out the clog, then it will only sit in the bowl. Make sure you don’t pour it to over halfway up the bowl in case you have to use your plunger – it will only splash everywhere.
  3. If that doesn’t work, it is time to turn off the water supply and grab the plunger. The plunger needs to be underwater for the best results, so if there is not enough water in the bowl, add some so that the plunger is submerged. Make sure the plunger covers the hole in the bowl entirely. This will create a seal and allow air pressure to do the work. Then give it a few firm, fast pumps. Sometimes this will do the trick right away and the water will drain.
  4. If the plunger is not working, sometimes a combination plan is required. Get some hot water – but not boiling – and dump it into the bowl. Then, add a few squirts of dish washing detergent. Allow to sit and break up the blockage. Then plunge again. Sometimes by alternating these steps will break up a tough clog.
  5. Should these tips fall short, this last tip you have up your sleeve is a toilet auger. You need to be careful not to scratch your toilet bowl. Simply insert the end of the auger with the rubber or plastic guard into the trap. Then slowly turn the handle and feed the auger coil into the trap. You should feel the clog once the auger reaches it.

If All Fails To Unclog Your Toilet…

Should all of this fail, then it is time to call your plumber to snake out your drain with power auger. And Please do not use Chemical drain cleaners. These cleaners use acid to break up a clog and can cause damage to your toilet, pipes and you or your plumber.

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