A Mixer shower, as the name suggests, will combine water from both a hot and a cold water supply, and mix them together, to produce water in a shower at a desired temperature. The temperature is regulated by using temperature controls. The water is normally provided at higher pressures than electric showers. Your shower can be designed to work with either high, low or a combination of both high and low water pressures.

Mixer showers are ideal for homes with an abundant supply of hot water, and can either be built into the wall, or installed with a detachable shower head. There different types of these showers, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The single lever mixer shower is perhaps one of the most popular showers, where the flow of the water is controlled by moving a lever up to increase the water flow, and when the lever is moved down, the shower is turned off. To control the temperature of the water, the lever is rotated in a clockwise direction to increase the temperature, and in an anticlockwise direction to decrease it.

The sequential mixer shower is the easiest to use. There is only one control, and it is turned in an anti clockwise direction to start the water flow and increase the temperature of the water. The flow of the water cannot be controlled, but turning the control in clockwise direction will lower the temperature and eventually turn the shower off.

A concentric type of this shower combines the temperature and water control flow on the same panel. Usually they will be placed on top of each other. Depending on the model, the outer control would regulate the water flow, while the inner control is used for adjusting the water temperature. The settings can remain in place when the shower is turned off, so readjustment is not necessary when the water is turned on. Dual control mixers showers offer very handy features, where one control is used to turn the shower on and regulate the flow of water, while a separate control is used to regulate the temperature of the water.

Bar control mixer showers feature two individual controls. One control one the left side of the bar is turned anticlockwise to start and regulate the water flow at the shower-head, while the control on the right of the bar is turned clockwise to lower the water temperature, and anti-clockwise to increase it. Some models may also include a diverter, that allows you to direct the flow of water from an overhead shower or to a hand-held unit.

The thermostatic valve is used to maintain accurate water temperatures and prevent variations when changes in the pressure or temperature of the water are detected. In addition to the features of safety and convenience, thermostatic mixers can save on energy costs as it also helps to conserve water usage. The type of the shower that you choose will depend on a large part to type and supply of your hot water.

The mixer shower is a neat innovation that mixes both hot and cold water in the shower unit. For convenience and economical operation, a mixer shower can provide energy-costs savings in addition to water conservation.

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