Many people hear about water pumps often without really understanding how they work. These devices are utilized to facilitate fluid motion through mechanical displacement. This article allows you to know about them in less than five minutes.

Why do we need these kinds of equipment?
1. These are useful tools for a variety of residential, agricultural, industrial, and commercial purposes.
2. They are often utilized for draining and filtering hot tubs, swimming pools, artificial lakes, and ponds; clearing areas where flood has occurred or where fluid has accumulated; suctioning liquids from a tank to drive them into lawn sprinklers; irrigating agricultural lands; evenly distributing chemical fertilizers or pesticides on vast fields; and other cleaning and construction tasks.

What are the different types available?
1. High-pressure – This is commonly used to provide high pressure at low volumes. Farmers find this useful for irrigation purposes since it could mobilize fluid over long ranges.
2. Solid – Some people refer to this as a trash pump. Contrary to what the nickname implies, this device is actually very helpful for commercial use. It could allow solids that are up to one to two inches in diameter to pass. They are often present in construction sites and are also useful in draining small flooded areas.
3. Transfer – This is also known as a clear water pump. This type is the most commonly used variety. As the name implies, it is made for clear water pumping in lawn sprinklers, hot tubs, or garden ponds. See to it that this is free of debris. It could only handle fragments that are up to one-fourth of an inch.
4. Semi-Solid – This variety is similar to a transfer pump only that it can handle solids that are up to an inch in diameter. This is the one often used for swimming pools.

Shopping Tips
1. See to it that the device that you choose is durable and could last a long time. Buy from trusted brands and always take time in going through product reviews.
2. Stainless steel varieties are great when the pump is submerged because it resists corrosion.
3. Take into account factors such as the height or distance from the water source to the device and the volume of fluid that needs to be pumped. This could guide you in looking for the pump with the right size and power capacity.

It is better to understand all about pumps prior to heading to the store to purchase them. Buying the wrong ones can be a big waste of money. Use the information listed above to serve as you guide.

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