Of all the plumbing problems a person can face, having water that is discolored can be one of the most frustrating and potentially threatening to one’s health. Although most situations involving discolored water are not harmful to people, some do merit more attention than others. But no matter what it is that leads to the discolored water, a licensed and experienced Toronto plumber should always be consulted to make sure the problem is correctly diagnosed. If you have questions as to why your water is discolored, here are some possibilities.

High Mineral Content

Water that has a high mineral content, which is also referred to as hard water, can become discolored in various ways. For example, water that has high levels of iron may turn pink, while that which is high in iron and magnesium may turn reddish-brown.

If your water is found to have extremely high mineral content, there are many things a plumber can do to fix the problem. In most cases, water softeners can be added to the water to specifically target certain minerals. Along with this, additional chemicals can be added to give the water softeners an extra boost if needed. If these options do not totally solve the problem, water filters can be added to faucets to help keep the mineral content at acceptable levels.

Pipe Rust

For water that starts looking orange, yellow, or red, the explanation may be pipe rust. Occurring mostly in older homes that have outdated plumbing systems, this problem develops when the pipes begin to rust on the inside in addition to the outside.

When the water passes through the pipes, it accumulates rust and thus begins to take on the reddish-brown color. If it is found that pipes are rusting on the inside, they should be replaced as soon as possible. The repairs may be extensive, but well worth it in the end.

Sewage Leaks

In extreme cases of water discoloration, a home’s water turns completely black due to the presence of sewage in the water. If this occurs, the water will not be able to be used until the problem is fixed. In most cases, the Toronto home’s sewer line will be dug up and replaced due to it being damaged, which is what lets the sewage seep out and into the water supply. If these repairs are needed, the bill can run into thousands of dollars, so be prepared.

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