It is very important to pay attention to your Toronto home, especially the electrical and drainage system. Even the slightest trouble can cost you heavy expenditure on the drain cleaning services. Thus, it is always recommended to keep track the conditions of the drainage system to avoid unnecessary repairs. You would never know when you get a clogged sewer by surprise.

How would you judge that you are in need of sewer cleaning service?

Common Signs of Sewer Blockage

1) If you hear any gurgling noise from the pipes, be watchful as it may be an early sign of some blockage in the pipes. It generally happens if your fixture traps are poorly ventilated and do not meet plumbing standards.

2) Bad odor indicates that there is a heavy blockage in the sewer line and water has stagnated there, producing a bad smell.

3) Something might be jamming the toilet pipes if water is flowing back up after flushing. This happens due to clogged pipes and the water is not able to move down with the flushing pressure.

4) Check carefully the air trapped in plumbing pipes. To do so, pour some water in the sink near the toilet and if there are bubbles that clearly signifies some trouble in the line.

5) Watch out for the small blockages that is usually the reason behind slow draining of the pipes. If not acted on time, can produce a big trouble.

6) Watch out for the rust coming out of the pipes. Rusting is a major cause for the sewer line blockage.

How to prevent a sewer blockage?

1) Never flush diapers and napkins in the toilet.

2) Do not dump your waste food in the sewer lines as this can block the pipes.

3) It is better to run hot water in the pipes occasionally to remove oil or grease which is responsible for clogged drains.

4) Backwater valve installation is highly recommended.

5) It is recommended to check for rusted pipes and replace the old pipes on time.

6) Make a habit to throw huge waste products in the dustbin and not in the toilets. Guide your kids or family members not to flush any heavy waste in the toilet.

7) Planning for the maintenance of sewer pipes is highly suggested. It can save you stressful situation in the future.

8) Sewer inspections should be done at least twice a year.

9) Install screens in your bathroom to avoid hair buildup in the pipes.

Usually people don’t pay much attention until the sewer lines get clogged. It is better not to ignore the sewer system of your home. Clogged pipes can be a hassle but can be easily cleared up with the help of a professional Toronto service.

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