Polyethylene or HDPE based piping and fittings have been used in plumbing for around thirty years now and have gone under an immense amount of testing in that time too. What we know is that it makes an ideal solution for water pipes in an around our Toronto homes, businesses, and other properties and is definitely one of the best materials to consider.

However, just what are the true benefits to using this type of piping compared to using some of the other materials that are metallic based? The answer to that question can be found below, as we look at the main benefits of using PEX fittings.

Ease of Installation

One of the biggest benefits of using PEX fittings is the ease at which they can be installed compared to that of severe pipes. PEX fittings from established and reputable manufacturers come with long coils that negate the need for coupling joints any more.

Additionally, because PEX pipe has more flexibility, it can be bent around any obstructions and it does not need any kind of solvent or solder to be installed. All of these ensure that installing PEX fittings is far easier to than any other method form of piping.

Extremely Durable

Although on the face of it you might not think that polyethylene is as durable as the other metallic materials that are used for piping, yet while it might not have the physical strength of its piping cousin, PEX fittings is durable for other reasons.

It does not suffer with rust, corrosion, or electrolysis and will simply expand in frozen conditions rather than crack. This makes PEX fittings far more durable and the best option for your plumbing needs.

Very Cost Effective

Another great benefit to purchasing PEX fittings from leading manufacturers is that it is more cost effective than that of metallic materials. This is because of the money saved on installation as it is easy to install as well as reducing water bills due to losing far less in the system.

Better for the Environment

Polyethylene materials are far friendlier to the environment as they consume far less energy when being manufactured when compared to other materials. Additionally, because the material is lighter, it lowers the costs of transportation and the energy that is used for transportation. Finally, it can be recycled and used in other products rather than thrown on a scrap heap.


So as you can see, PEX fittings offers more benefits than any other systems that use different materials. There really are no drawbacks to using it either whereas other materials will have benefits as well as disadvantages attached to them.

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