Drainage systems keep water flowing and functioning throughout your house, which provides you with water for baths, washing dishes, watering the lawn, and other tasks. Also, a drainage system that backs up can lead to all kinds of health problems as well as damage to your flooring or furniture. Making sure your drainage system is clog free can benefit you in numerous ways.

There are some things you might try in order to keep your drains flowing smoothly. Using strainers is one way that might help. Strainers can collect things that build up in your drains like hair, soap scum or any other type of material. If you have a plug, use it when you are finished using the sink or bath tub. This can prevent foreign objects from infiltrating your drains.

If you use grease while cooking, do not pour it down the drain. Instead pour grease into a can or a container and dispose of it with the garbage. If you have poured grease down the drain, you can break the grease up by pouring boiling water down the drain every week or so. Also, baking soda works really well in helping to keep drains clear and free. Throw some boiling water down the drain after placing baking soda in it. However, if you try all of these methods and nothing works, then call a professional plumber who has the right skills to fix your drainage problems.

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