Kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as, showers are considered to be heavy use fixtures, meaning they are used quite frequently. As with anything, constant and consistent use can lead to damage and with faucets (leakage.) Especially with high use items such as faucets, the internal mechanisms that help them function properly start to erode or break completely, causing tiny leaks inside of the faucets that lead to more severe water damage issues.

Internal Workings

The internal parts of faucets consist of O-rings and rubber/plastic washers, along with more sturdy metal parts to carry the water. The little pieces though that give the faucet handles the ability to turn back and forth may require faucet repair eventually. This is not a huge problem per say, if taken care of as soon as they are not functioning properly. Faucet repair can become a do it yourself type of project, if you just do a little research and understand how the faucet works and is put together. More often than not, the hot water side will start to leak more quickly than the cold-water side and that is strictly due to the constant heat that is applied, breaks the inner mechanisms down more quickly.

Checking the Issue

With faucet repair, before dismantling everything first – try to pinpoint where exactly the problem is coming from. Assess the situation and try to unclog everything prior to taking the faucet apart.

Steps to Faucet Repair

There are simple steps to keep in mind when it comes to faucet repair, and this is good knowledge for anyone to know – especially Mississauga homeowners.

– Detach faucet cap
– Pull handle stem from faucet body
– Replace the washer
– Ensure the internal screws are tight (not too tight)
– Reassemble the handle and faucet cap

If considering to do your own faucet repair and the leak is a little bit larger – one should turn the water off from the source. More often than not, there will be a valve underneath the sink area that will shut the water off from that particular location.

If going through these steps and the problem is not fixed, then the faucet repair may need to be conducted by a professional. It is great when repair can be done at home but when it comes to plumbing, fixing the overall issues may be bigger than one thinks.

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