If you think that irrigation systems are difficult to install, then think about it again. You can always have other alternative ways on getting the right installation of the pipes and fitting to make sure that your entire lawn will be covered by the entire system as soon as it is installed completely. The process is definitely easy, all you have to do is to follows some procedures and you are all set to start installing your irrigation.

Here are the things that you should do:

  • Lay out the plan for your irrigation system: As you lay out the plan, it is necessary that you will have all potential obstacles included in the plan. This way, you will be aware of the things that may block the patterns of your sprinklers and the landscape that may require attention. Create a plan where you will draw everything that can be found in your entire lawn. It is necessary that you include all elements that may affect the pattern of the sprinklers to ensure a smooth flow of the water throughout your lawn.
  • Choose the appropriate irrigation system: After all plans are laid out on paper, it is best that you start evaluating the different systems as well as its components that can be used in your irrigation system. Polyethylene pipe is the best option for most homeowners because of its flexibility. This pipe will allow you to do necessary curves to supply water on the sprinklers. Furthermore, this material is also durable and lightweight.
  • The installation: Make sure that you have complete materials needed for installation. Get a straight coupler that can be used in fitting 2 pipes, a poly plug that you can place at a particular end to stop the water. Do not forget the elbow coupler to join pipes while providing a 90 degrees angle and for changing the flow of water from one direction to another. You should also have a T coupler for joining 3 pipes for continuous flow in different directions and act as an intersection. For controlling the release of water, electronic valves should also be integrated in the system.
  • Do a mock system: To lay out the entire plan that you have you can choose to do a mock system, and check the entire functionality before you get to install it. Do forget getting the programmed clock installed with the mock system to ensure that it can open the valves in time that will make the sprinklers pop out and spray water. Check whether water is distributed evenly or not and make sure that every sprinkler is following the pattern that you want. Once everything is clear, you can dig ditches where you can place the entire system and cover it after.

As you learn these simple tips on how to install an irrigation system, you can be sure that your lawn can also have the number of sprinklers that would supply water to the entire area whenever needed. You can choose to do this alone or with someone who can give you some suggestions on the planning as well as the installation stage.

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