backup-Battery-sump-pumpSump pumps are installed in Toronto houses, working round-the-clock to keep the basement dry. There’s just one problem: they use electricity.

It’s not unusual for city utilities to shut down during a flood. However, sump pumps without any backup power can mean trouble once flood starts coming in. Thanks to technology, some sump pumps in the market come with backup batteries. While drawing power to operate, they also store some power into their batteries.

The batteries can be bigger than the sump pumps themselves, but they can keep the sump pump working for days. These deep-cycle, lead-acid power banks have thicker lead plates than a standard battery, allowing them to resist the damaging effects of discharges better. They can’t deliver power as fast as standard batteries, but they provide high output in the long run.

Other back-up systems include a secondary pump that draws power from the water itself. These systems have no batteries or plugs; they rely on the flow of water to power their functions. They are automatically activated once water level exceeds normal through a hydraulic system, and sucks excess water out of the sump and onto the outdoors

While having back-up batteries or a secondary system will mean additional costs, prolonged flood damage can be just as costly. The longer the water stays in your basement, the more damage it can inflict on your home and family. Moisture retention is often grounds for common home problems such as mold and structural damage.

Regardless, any sump pump requires basic maintenance, especially those with battery packs. Toronto plumbing companies like Bison Plumbing & Heating have skilled manpower utilizing the proper tools and equipment to deal with all kinds of sump pumps. In fact, when you buy your sump pump, you can have licensed plumbers install them and rebate of the some cost, thanks to Toronto’s basement flooding subsidy.

No matter where you live in Ontario, it’s clear that you’ll need ways to stop water from entering your home. It only takes a heavy downpour to inundate major cities across the country. Disaster risk reduction starts with proper planning. If you need a sump pump or backwater valve installed or checked, call on a professional Toronto plumber to get optimum results.

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