A slab leak can be difficult to handle and sometimes to detect in a Toronto home. If the leak is undetected for an extended period, it can cause damage to the structure of the building. It can result in weak concrete structures and rooting wood structures that can collapse suddenly. Mildew and mold can result as well. These effects can incur significant costs on repair. Certainly it is better to prevent a slab leak than to incur significant repair costs by doing the following:

1. Have your water pressure checked regularly

It is of essential to have a qualified plumber to evaluate the water pressure in the piping and sewer system. Excessively high water pressure can cause corrosion of pipes. Similarly, tubes with small diameters can raise the water pressure overly and cause corrosion and bursting of pipes underneath the slab.

2. Have your piping system installed by an Toronto plumbing expert

Your water supply system can be ineffective and be prone to leaks due to a bad choice of plumbing materials, poor workmanship, and scanty piping setup. Poor workmanship includes pipes cut unevenly and un-properly sealed joints which will leak eventually. During construction, ensure a licensed plumbing company or practitioner does the pipe work for quality craftsmanship.

3. Have a robust piping network in earthquake or tremor prone areas

Extra support should be embedded to assist the water and sewer system in withstanding vibrations. Sudden waves may shift the foundation of the building. The movement may exert pressure on the pipes causing them to rupture and leak. Hence, it is required that a well-designed piping system is installed to tolerate tremors.

4. Have proper water chemistry

The PH levels of Toronto water can have corrosive effects on the pipes. Too low or too high PH levels can erode the interior of the drain, especially copper pipes, resulting in pinhole leaks. Commercial drain cleaners, a source of extreme PH levels, clear up the clog in the pipes but harm the piping system. Therefore, a diagnosis of the water chemistry should be done by a plumber to give expert advice on how to use the drain cleaners and how to normalize PH levels.

It is crucial to get advice from qualified and experienced Toronto plumbers on issues about your plumbing system. Prevention cost pennies compared to repairing or re-installing a new water and sewerage system.

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