Water heaters are used on a daily basis for a variety of purposes such as washing clothes, washing dishes, and taking baths. While most people use water heaters on a daily basis, they rarely consider important issues such as performance standards and safety issues regarding the use of water heaters.

As with any equipment that is used in Toronto homes and businesses, the equipment needs to be handled and installed in a professional manner. In addition, the equipment needs to be constructed in a manner that ensures proper operations.

For water heaters, one of the primary ways that water heater safety and performance is ensured is with regulations.

The regulations are a method used to place specific requirements on all aspects of water heater operations from the way water heaters are built to the way water heaters operate. Three main water heater regulations are:

1. Water heater construction guidelines.

2. Water heater size.

3. Water heater energy efficiency standards.

Water Heater Construction Guidelines

The way water heaters are built is very important concerning water heater safety and performance. Regulations allow manufacturers to follow set guidelines for water heater construction.

By knowing and understanding the regulations put in place regarding water heater construction, manufacturers know what is expected concerning water heater construction. This helps ensure that water heaters will be safe for all operational purposes.

Water Heater Size

Water heaters come in a variety of sizes. Water heater sizes are different for several reasons. However, regulations allow water heater manufacturers to know what is required for constructing water heaters based on the water heater size. The regulations ensure that safety and performance standards are understood for all water heater sizes.

Water Heater Energy Efficiency Standards

One of the most important aspects of water heater operations is the amount of energy that is necessary for water heaters to operate safely and efficiently. Regulations are put in place to provide guidelines concerning energy efficiency standards so that consumers will know what to expect related to water heater energy performance.

In addition, energy efficiency standards help consumers by allowing them to use less energy regarding water heaters, which ultimately will reduce consumers’ energy bills.

Water heaters are one of the most used items in many Toronto homes. Without regulations to provide requirements and standards regarding water heater operations, it would be extremely hard to provide uniform safety and performance standards for the use of water heaters.

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