Yuriy from Toronto

We hired Mister Plumber to complete water and drain rough in for our house that was completely renovated.

We used to have some positive experience with Mister Plumber in the past; however these were smaller jobs, like new bathtub or toilet installation.

Doing the whole house rough is a significantly larger job and we were not sure if Mister Plumber can work on it. We started from shopping around and collecting quotes, some of which was a definite rip-off. We got pretty good price from Mister Plumber. Vlad and Igor were patient with us, carefully listening to what we expect for our water and drain system. They came-up with the technical design and cost estimation, which were meeting our expectation.

The works on the on the project went very smoothly, we passed building inspection without any issues.

I think guys at Mister Plumber are very knowledgeable; they were able to resolve every single road-block that we faced during the course of our project. The job was done on budget and within the promised time frames.

I would recommend Mister Plumber to all my friends and relatives as a plumbing company of choice without any hesitations.

Toronto, ON

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