broken sump pumpPlumbers in Toronto are a busy lot. People of Toronto often suffer from problems of water clogging in their basement. As per estimate, every year there are 250 homes that suffer from heavy basement water logging in Toronto area alone. They keep on struggling without realising there is a lot that they can do in order to get rid of from this problem. The best and most widely accepted solution to this problem is the installation of a sump pump.

Local authorities have suitable ‘Flood Prevention Program’, but that seems too far fetched optiopn for many. Most would rather hire plumber in Toronto to get the job done perfectly. Reviews of gas-services plumbing services in Toronto have revealed that most home owners ask for previous experience as well as real testimonials before hiring.

What is a Sump Pump and How it Works?

A sump pump sucks all the water that gets accumulated in the basement and then ultimately pushes it out of the house through the main drain pipe of the home. However, sump pumps too can start working abnormally after some time. The most common problem that they begin to overflow. In such a situation, you can apply the given strategies to fix your pump.

1. Tap the discharge pipe that’s emerging from the pit of the sump pump. Tapping this line gently turns on the primary submersible pump. Sometimes corrosion present on metal rod located at the top turns on the float switch. In that case the motor will stop working. Hence, tapping it should make the motor work eventually emptying the entire basin.

2. Another great tip to fix a faulty sump pump is to check the power connections. Examine your pump’s fuse box to make sure it’s not fused. In case it is, simply reset the breaker. To cross-check, you can even plug-in a bulb at the outlet to see whether it is getting electric supply or not. Electrical problems should always be handled with caution or by professionals.

3. In case you don’t get any output by applying the above tips, then the last thing that one can try is to reach the pump with by first unplugging the motor. Feel the pump with your hand to make out whether there is any sign of debris around or near the submersible pump. Remove any such object gently and then lift the float switch to ensure it’s moving properly.

A faulty sump pump can turn things extremely messy and dealing with it might turn out to be hell of a task. However, if the problem is treated properly, one can easily fix it. The above mentioned three tips are practised and recognised by leading plumbing agencies of Toronto.

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