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Toronto is located in southeastern Ontario, and has a population of over 2.93 million. It is the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest in all of North America. As a hub for transportation, distribution, and manufacturing, Toronto is a major contributor to the economic success of Ontario and Canada as a whole. Toronto is also well-known for its diversity and multiculturalism. In addition to being home to over two hundred different ethnicities, more than half of the city’s population belongs to a visible minority group. The most well-known landmarks of Toronto are the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre.

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The biggest challenge that residential and commercial property owners face in Toronto, when it comes to plumbing, is the quality of their plumbing infrastructure. Since most of the houses and buildings in Toronto were built a long time ago, the majority of plumbing is outdated and ineffective. This makes these properties much more vulnerable to experiencing not only common problems with pipes, fixtures, and drains, but also more serious plumbing emergencies related to flooding and structural damage. The only solution for these types of issues is to have a competent, professional plumber update your property with the latest and most advanced plumbing infrastructure on the market.

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Our Toronto Plumbers, which include downtown Toronto, are some of the most respected and valued in the industry. They have the education to assess

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any situation and challenge, as well as the professional experience to provide effective solutions for every issue. Our plumbers conduct thorough evaluations and assessments at affordable rates, and get the job done with the most advanced and modern tools and techniques available.  Unlike new plumbing companies, we have been serving Toronto residents and businesses since 2007, and have a strong reputation among the community for competent, reliable and timely service.

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There is no problem that exists which our plumbers cannot address. We provide a wide range of basic services, such as drain cleaning and drain repair. We also

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provide the best solutions for preventive plumbing care and safety. These include advanced ground and pipe surveillance and excavations, as well as the installation of essential plumbing devices and infrastructure (i.e., back-water wells, sub-pumps, and battery-operated back-up pumps). If you require an emergency plumber for a time-sensitive issue, we encourage you to call us today.

Government Rebate

Residents of Toronto are fortunate to have access to a government sponsored program that provides up to a $3,400 rebate for plumbing infrastructure designed to protect against future flooding. We encourage those living in this region to contact us in order to confirm eligibility for this initiative, book associated services, and to find out why we are ranked as some of the best plumbers in Toronto.