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Plumbing installations and repair:

Blocked sinks
Tap repairs
Fixing leaks
Sink garbage disposal repairs
Leaky faucets
Cracked pipes repair
Trap repair, installation

New installations and repair:

Blocked toilets, sink
Toilet Plumbing
Baths plumbing installation
Showers drain installation
Sinks installation
Taps repairs, installation
Pipe leaks repair

New installations and repair:

Sump pump for clear water
Ejector pump
Emergency sump pump
Sump pump Maintenance
Back flow preventer installation
Back-water Valve installation
Sump pump relocation

Blocked toilet, sink, bath tub:

Unclogg toilet
Unclogg kitchen sink
Unblock sewer line
Sewer pipe cleaning
Unclogg bath tub
Tree roots cut

Pipe locate, inspection:

Camera Inspection
Broken pipe locate
Blocked pipe locate
Shifted pipe locate
Sewer condition
Bursted pipe locate

New installations:

New copper pipe
Bigger diameter of the pipe
No lead
More water
Less sediments
Trenchless installation by torpedo

Pipes with sediments:

Old pipes cleaning
Kitchen stack
Sewer pipes
Preventive maintenance
Camera Inspection is free
with hydro jetting


No-Digging Technology Sewer (Drain) Backup

Residential and commercial sewer line replacements
Drain Repair
Grease tank installation
Plugged (Blocked) drain pipes
Drain Unclogging
Tree roots removal. Drain Grant Application Form
Backwater valve. Basement Flooding Subsidy Program
Sewage Pump Installation and Repairs
Drain Inspection
Drain cleaning with Hydro JET (Water jetting)
Sewer back up
Trenchless sewer pipe replacement
Preventive maintenance
Drain Snaking

Pipe Bursting

Install new PVC pipe instead of clay pipe with NO-Digging Technology
Install new water supply line instead of lead pipe with NO-Digging Technology
Save money
Save landscaping

Trenchless Water Supply Line Installation

Install new copper water pipe underground
Upgrade water pipe diameter
Increase amount of water
Increase water pressure

Drain Cleaning with Hydro Jet

Drain maintenance
Drain pipe cleaning
Take away smell from the sewer pipe

And these Drain Services

Unclog Drains
Kitchen Drain Repairs
Bathroom Drain Repairs
Unclog Drains
Toilet Drain Clog
Toilet Drain Cleaning
Bathtub Drain Repair
Bathtub Drain Cleaning
Kitchen Drain Cleaning
Bathroom Drain Cleaning
Kitchen Drain Repairs
Bathroom Drain Repairs
Unclog Drains
Sink Drain Repair
Drain Cleaning
Drain Repair
Cracked Pipes
Snaking Drain
Rootering Drain
Hydro Jet Cleaning
Snake Drain
Snake Drain Cleaning

New water supply line
Water leak repair
Water pressure control
Water meter relocation
Maintenance plumbing system
Lead pipes exchange
New rough-in installation
Underground Boring

Services to your pipe repair needs

Leak detection
Low water pressure
Loud pipes
Water line replacement
Repair of copper piping

Leaky basement waterproofing
Crawlspace waterproofing
Foundation wall repair
Wet Basement Repair
Basement Lowering
Foundation Underpinning
Foundation Repair
Sump Pump Repairs
Sump Pump Installation
Sump Pump Backup
Exterior Waterproofing

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