The best plumbing maintenance is prevention in your Toronto home; replacing pipes after a plumbing leak can cost up to $15,000 when precautionary measures may not cost anything at all. Follow these three steps to avoid unnecessary damage to your Toronto home pipes.

Reduce Water Pressure

High water pressure makes pipe joints, vales and the faucets work harder, which could eventually lead to a leak. A low-flow shower head only reduces the water flow that comes out of the shower head, but doesn’t reduce water pressure.

If a plumber determines that water pressure levels are not between 40 to 85 psi, it should be immediately remedied.

Soften Water

Hard water is full of minerals that restrict water flow and cause pipe build up that can cause leaks. A common sign of hard water white buildup on faucets and shower heads, and you can also request a water quality report to be sure.

A water softener installation by a plumber is the only way to soften well water, which comes in sodium-based softener and electromagnetic pulse forms.

Home Care

Some of the most effective ways to protect the home from plumbing leaks are simple changes of habits on the home-front. Be sure that the plumber turns off individual fixtures and appliances when making repairs, and hoses should always be removed from outside spigots in the winter to avoid water from freezing and cracking the pipes.

You can also have a plumber install frost-free bibs on the spigots to prevent leaks caused by freezing as well as add pipe insulation to cold areas in the home such as basement, garages and crawl spaces.

Never overstuff cabinets because you could possibly shift water supply drains and pipes and loosen connections, and do not wait to call a plumber if you see a small leak – pipes corrode very quickly, and a once small issue can quickly become an expensive plumbing disaster.

If a leak happens to occur, it is important to clean up the leaked water as much as you can before the plumber arrives so that the plumber can get to the issue as soon as possible and determine if the pipes are still leaking. This may also minimize some of the overall damage and help the final costs.

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