sink shut off valves plumbing tipsIt is given that plumbing emergencies in Toronto can happen anytime, and being able to learn how to deal with these emergency cases will give you the advantage on handling such cases with ease. There is a great advantage when you are aware of how you can fix things about sudden plumbing problems. This will save your property from any risk of severe water damage and make sure that the problem will not worsen ahead of time.

To start fixing any plumbing problems in Toronto Area, the following are tips are the ones that you should always keep in mind during plumbing emergencies:

  • Know where you should shut off the main water connection. Once you notice leaks from your pipeline, it is necessary that you would turn off the main water source to get the repairs done quickly.
  • If the leaks came from your water heater, then learn how to turn it off. If your heater is powered by gas, have the switched turned to “pilot” position.
  • Make sure that there is isolation valves located in each fixture of your pipeline to ensure that the water will stop flowing on the area where you are repairing. This will let the remainder of the entire house get continuous water source while the leaking area is under repair. See to it that you will regularly turn the isolation valves on and off at least once or twice a year to keep it working in good condition.
  • Learn how to do the “backing off”. This is the process wherein you would use 2 wrenches in turning the valve or pipe in opposite directions. Through this process the wrench will prevent the plumbing from absorbing the stress of the repair being done.
  • Collar nuts found on the drain line can be loosened up with the use of slip-joint pliers.
  • Whenever the supply tube breaks off that is causing the leakage, get the blind cap screwed on the area for sealing the leak off. This will give you time to fix the tube without causing the leak to delay the repair.
  • Teflon and duct tapes can be used in sealing leaks temporarily until the entire repair can be done by professionals. This will hold the leaks in place and give enough time for the repairs to be done.
  • Whenever your kitchen sink is clogged, it is advisable that you will be using a second plunger for covering the other drain. This will provide the first plunger more force for removing the clog.
  • For unclogging the toilet, it is best that a forced cup plunger will be used.
  • When unclogging bath tubs, have the chrome cap unscrewed to expose the drain and make you see the clog. Put your first plunger on the drain while the second is on the tub’s overflow. To remove the clog completely plunge the drain continuously.

As you learn these tips that you can do during plumbing emergencies in Toronto, you are assured that you are aware of what you can do to make sure that you can stop leaks before it gets worst.

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