Anyone who has owned a home or a business for a period of time is familiar with the occasional plumbing problem. In fact, many home and business owners may even feel they know a bit too much about their plumbing, having encountered specific problems again and again, especially clogs. Fortunately there is a new technique out there that not everyone is familiar with, and which can help reduce recurring clogs, overflows, and other plumbing problems – this method is Hydro Scrubbing, also known as Hydro Jetting.

Toronto Plumbing: What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro is a process in which 3500 psi, highly pressurized water is shot out of a hose to scour the inside of your sewage pipes. This powerful stream can blast through debris and buildup in your lines which can be compounding other problems in your system.

A Hydro Jetter, which consists of a tank of water, a high-pressure hose, and a mechanism which pressurizes the water is brought on site, where it is used typically via the cleanout opening in a pipe. All plumbing systems are designed to flow downhill or downstream, with gravity carrying pipe contents out and away from homes or businesses. Because of this, all materials dislodged during the Hydro Jetting process flows down and out of the system. Quality hydro jetters can handle hundreds of feet of pipe in one go.

Toronto Plumbing: Why do I need Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is a good solution when traditional clog removal methods such as snaking have not solved the problem. Oftentimes, issues such as roots are highly resistant to traditional methods and need more aggressive methods. Hydro Scrubbing is also a good idea for scouring the inside of pipes before they are lined with epoxy resin during pipe lining. Hydro Scrubbing can also be an especially useful and proactive solution for restaurants and other businesses that regularly deal with greasy and other gunky residue.

Toronto Plumbing: Hydro Jetting – A solid answer to a stubborn problem

Clearing out your drainage line with Hydro Jetting is a solution that can address even the most resilient roots and debris, even eliminating mineral deposits which may be clogging the inside of your drainage line. Keep in mind that in some cases even something as powerful as Hydro Scrubbing might not be sufficient to address the problem, in which case, additional methods such as thorough line inspections executed by video camera may be necessary to properly assess a situation.

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