With the New Year just round the corner, most of us try to think about resolutions to make for the upcoming year. The most common resolutions include losing weight, saving money and stopping smoking, but how about making some new year’s resolutions for your Toronto home?

During the Christmas holidays, a lot of people have some time off where they can spend quality time at home. Often during this period, homeowners will start to contemplate what jobs they want to do to their home in the New Year, whether it involves decorating the bedroom or getting round to that extension they have been meaning to do.

Instead of thinking about improvements to your home this New Year, why not think about resolutions you could make that could help you take better care of your home; saving you money in the long run?

Stuck on ideas? Here are some top resolutions that you can incorporate in to your daily life to help take care of your home.

1. I promise to take better care of my drains

Try to avoid throwing cooking fat and oil down the drain; these will solidify in the pipes and clog up, eventually causing a blockage. If you can fit strainers over all of your drains this well help to avoid hair and other debris gathering and blocking a pipe.

2. I promise to take better care of my gutters

Any outdoor drains and gutters should be cleaned regularly to get rid of any rubbish which could collect and cause blockages.

3. I promise to take better care of my pipes

During the colder months, a lot of tender loving care needs to be shown to your pipes to avoid a burst pipe or a leak. Make sure you take preventative measures before the cold spells set in to avoid this happening; insulate any pipes that are found below the house to prevent them from freezing.

If a pipe is leaking then do not ignore it, try and get it fixed by a registered Toronto plumber as soon as possible otherwise the situation will just get worse.

4. I promise to take better care of my heating system

Drain your water tank at least once a year; this will save you money in the long run by making your system far more efficient; draining the system regularly will stop the water from corroding the tank.

5. I promise to take better care of my toilet

This is an easy one to do, just avoid flushing things down the toilet that should not be flushed. This includes items such as cotton pads, face wipes and other cosmetic items as these will not dissolve in the pipes and will therefore cause a blockage.

These resolutions are easy ones to keep and should help you take better care of your home in 2013. However, if you are ever unsure about a plumbing problem then do not try and rectify the problem yourself, the probability is that you will do more harm than good.

Always call out a registered Toronto plumber who will have years of experience and training regarding the problem and will be able to rectify the issue whilst causing the least amount of damage to your home. Specializing in Toronto Area sewer repair, drain cleaning, and emergency plumbing, Mister Plumber uses the latest technology to effectively troubleshoot and quickly repair any plumbing problem and offers a fast response and free estimates. Call us 416 939 1530 or fill the form for Online Free Estimate.

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