Sewer pipes frequently create problems for today’s Toronto homeowners and homebuyers. The pipes used today may have been laid many years ago, and are candidates for repair or replacement.

Sewer lines may leak and back up because of ground movement, calcification, root intrusion, debris or sludge buildup or aging lines. This may cost homeowners a lot of money in damage to property and in repair and replacement costs. It’s not only inconvenient and expensive to have sewer lines repaired, but it used to mean that excavators would tear up your yard, driveway and walkways in order to repair or install a new line.

Trenchless Technology Saves Money

Trenchless technology creates an alternative to the old trench method of digging up lines to repair or replace them. One replacement method, pipe lining, is also called Cured-in-Place Piping (CIPP). This is a method by which a new pipe is virtually created within your existing pipe.

Special resins give your old pipes the strength of newer pipes without damaging your landscaping, porches, driveways or sidewalks. Pipe lining has been used for more than two decades, and it is well accepted by most home and business owners.

How Is Pipe Lining Done?

Many plumbing contractors specialize in pull in place pipe lining. In this method, the liner will be pulled into position, filled with resin epoxy and cured in place. The job is completed just in these few steps. This method is advantageous over others because pipes can be lined even in areas of multiple bends and angles. It also provides your plumber with the need to line only an area that needs repair.

Your plumbing expert does not have to line entire pipes from the point of the repair to the entry point. This means that your repair can be done with more flexibility, and save you money. This is in addition to the money you will already be saving by not having your yard dug up and then replanted.

What Are the Steps Used in Pipe Lining?

Three steps are all that are needed to repair your line by having it lined. The lines are first evaluated with in-line cameras, to determine what must be done to resolve your problem. Then, your lines will be cleaned. Finally, your liner will be pulled into place.

The result of this type of repair is a seamless, smooth pipe within your existing pipe. Roots are not able to penetrate your new pipe, since it has no joints. Calcification will not be a problem any longer, because the lined pipe does now allow deposits to build up. The price will be lower than trenching methods, too.

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