Sump pump and check valve installationWhat exactly is a sump pump?

Though its rhyming parts may sound charming, the unit’s use is far from aesthetical and plays a more crucial and fundamental role. The basic use of this type of pump is to extract water from the basement of your home to prevent flooding and consequent water damage. Areas of your home that lie beneath ground (such as your basement) are susceptible to the sheer nature of groundwater’s innate ability to collect and cache. Excess pooling at the foundation of your home can weaken it’s structure, create an excess of mold and mildew and with severe weather even enter your home and wreak thousands of dollars worth of flood damage.

There are two primary types of sump pumps available today. The Pedestal and Submersible. Both fulfill the primary function of removing excess groundwater but each unique in its operation and installation.

The pedestal sump pump gets its name from its resemblance to an actual pedestal. This type sits inside of a sump pit but its motor is above ground. The pedestal sump pump is a more economic option since its easier to install and more accessible to repair, however, it is a more intrusive device since it’s location is not concealed and often operates at a much louder rate than it’s submersible counterpart. The average lifespan of a pedestal pump is 5-15 years.

The submersible sump pump is largely exactly what its name describes. This type is located beneath ground, within the sub basin of your home. Ideal for finished basements, a submersible sump pump is concealed and operates much quieter than the pedestal version. Its basic function remains the same, however, it is more difficult to install due to its concealed nature. Additionally, as such, its accessibility at times of repair or replacement may be an issue. The typical life span of this type of a submersible pump is much greater lasting 25-30 years, a marked difference from the life span of the pedestal pump.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the optimal sump pump option for your Toronto home. Space differences, cost factors, repair and maintenance as well as preferred cosmetic features; things that every homeowner should think about when choosing a sump pump. Additionally, these types of pumps are equipped with switch options in which each homeowner can choose how their sump pump’s motor is activated. Manual operation requires that someone actively turn on the motor, versus automated operation where the pump detects the need for its use and automatically turns on and shuts off. Climate conditions, weather patterns and seasons should be taken into consideration in choosing a switch option for your pump to operate.

Additionally, it’s important to understand that sump pumps run primarily on electricity. In the event of a power outage and severe weather, one should always consider the installation of a back-up battery powered sump pump. Installed in conjunction with either a pedestal or submersible, the battery operated sump pump works as a fail safe to ensure groundwater removal in the event the primary mechanism is inoperable.

Protecting your home from the costly hazards of water damage is an important factor for every homeowner. Education as well as preparation will help to retain the value of your property. Contact your local Toronto plumbing contractor or specialist to inquire about installation and help to protect yourself and your Toronto home from unnecessary expenses and emergencies.

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