drain services by Mister PlumberWhen there’s something strange in your bath and sink, who you gotta call?

Great plumbers!

That is right, if you don’t have any knowledge of fixing even the smallest pipe, don’t do it yourself because there is a possibility that the damage will be greater and will cost you more. Just shut off the valve and call a professional Toronto plumber.

Here are the plumbing services for every Toronto house fixture:

Several fixtures in the house like sinks and toilets encounter most of the problems and require immediate attention to prevent further damage.

Toilets: Even toilets have problems with its water system. Have you experienced that after flushing your toilet, you hear a loud sound? Replacing your toilet’s fill valve will probably fix it. As with a running toilet (not literally), the toilet’s fill valve is trying to fill the tank with water however with a failing flapper, that is not possible. It should be replaced immediately to prevent leakage, overflowing or flushing which is nonstop. Worst is having a backed-up toilet and should be fixed right away or else will cause severe flooding in the bathroom.

Bathtub drain: If a foul odor emits from the bathtub drain, there is something wrong with the trap. This is a pipe section that prevents the bad smell of sewage to enter the house. A dry or leaky trap should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible or the house will be filled with an unpleasant odor which is also not suitable for health. If in case it’s a drain that is full of things that clogged it like hair strands that clumped, appropriate plumbing tools are needed for unclogging.

Sinks: As for sinks, common problems include pipes that are already rotting, minimized flow of water, aerators that are installed wrongly or plumbing parts that are no longer working properly. The lessened flow of water maybe due to faulty sink installation or pipes full of rust. Immediate repair and/or replacement will solve the problem.

Leaky or dripping faucets: If your faucets are leaking or dripping, it means that its components are already worn out and should be replaced immediately because large amount of water is wasted. Since faucets are used frequently, it makes the rubber seals or washers wear out in no time.

Leaking pipes: There are a lot of factors that cause pipes to leak. These are deterioration due to old age, house shifting position regarding its foundation which may be caused by flooding or earthquake, temperature change that causes pipes to burst or crack especially during winter, unregulated water pressure which is not correctly done and clogs including hair, clothes lint, food wastes and toilet paper or tissues.

Tips in Finding a Good Toronto Plumber

  • A lot of people will say they are a good plumber even though they are not. These following tips will help you find not only a good but reliable plumber.
  • Make sure that the plumber that will take care of the job has a plumbing license. This gives you the assurance that you are protected as well as the neighbor’s property in case of accident.
  • Research on more than one reference so you have more choices and read reviews on line to see how they work.
  • You can ask if the service they are providing has a guarantee. In this way you will have no worries if in case something went wrong with the repair, it will be taken care of without extra bucks coming out of your wallet.
  • You can ask referrals from friends and neighbours of a reliable local plumber.

If you are still looking for trusted, licensed plumber, Mister Plumber in Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York specializing sewer repair, upgrade waterline, water service upgrade, drain cleaning, backwater valve installation, lead pipe replacement, re-piping and emergency plumbing, Mister Plumber uses the latest technology to effectively troubleshoot and quickly repair any plumbing problem and offers a fast response and free estimates.

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