It is well known that cleaning operations of clogged sewers usually involve removal of blockages from sewer pipes. If a blockage occurs in the sewer, a water jet pipe is guided into the sewer via the manholes. This however requires the entry of a human through the manhole to correctly guide the jet pipe in the sewer. Many efforts have been made in generating sewer cleaning techniques without the plumber having to enter the manhole.

Extensive research and experimentation on behalf of plumbing contractors and sewer cleaning firms have been undertaken and the results have been impressive enough. These efforts have successfully led to use of newer technology in the plumbing industry making the job easy for contemporary plumbers.

Nowadays, you have the use of sewer inspection cameras in order to determine the exact location of the blockage in a sewer pipeline. In this technologically advanced mode of operation, the operator or plumber gets to remotely control the movement of the camera inside the sewer alongside observing the images captured by it in a monitor placed in a mobile truck situated near the point of blockage. Thus, without entering the sewer the exact location of the blockage can be determined and sewer cleaning be taken up.

After the location is determined, the next job is to get rid of the blockage. This is done in many ways, prominent among which is hydrojetting. This method involves using of high pressure water forced into the sewer pipeline in order to blast away the roots, sand, soil and debris that has accumulated to create the blockage. Thus this is an eco-friendly mode of intensive sewer cleaning.

In a common practice often rotating blade root cutters are used to cut away at the blockage. This is a mechanical operation and is usually accompanied by hydrojetting at the end of the procedure in order to clear away the remnants of the operation. At the end of any of these procedures chemical foams are sprayed into the pipelines in order to minimize further growth and proliferation of roots inside the pipelines.

In addition to the above mentioned methods, pumping of sewer water is undertaken to clean out the excess accumulation that occurs from time to time. Any established plumbing firm will be thoroughly versed in all the measures required to attain thorough sewer cleaning.

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