Every time a drip is not addressed right away, even if it is just a very slow leak, the next thing you’ll be dealing with is a strangely large bill from your water usage. Having said that, even if you cannot see any water dripping anywhere, what you can do is to make certain that no water is currently being used by turning off all the faucets and water features in the Toronto house. Look for your water meter box which is normally covered and can be found near the entrance to your house. Check if the needles in the meter are rotating. You need to pay attention to the pointer shaped like a triangle. This is called the ‘leak indicator’. If this triangle is spinning, then the water is leaking. But if none of the needles are spinning, there could still be a leakage but it is just too sluggish for you to tell. You can double check by taking note of the reading from the meter. During this process, stop using water, i.e. flushing the toilet or turning on the tap. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour before checking back the reading. If there are any changes from the one you’ve written down earlier, then you are still having a very slow leakage.

A lot of people would just leave a water pipe dripping especially when they assume that it is just a minor leak and that it cannot cause additional damage. Eventually, a small drip will develop into a water pool. If water is indeed forming a pool somewhere or trickling down the wall, or perhaps seeping out of the floor, etc. You may need to uncover the spot where the water is coming from. A water leak is not always exactly what it might seem. Water will travel by way of a path where it has less resistance or through the force of gravity. What this implies is that often times, a leak can take place from a particular spot but is really coming from another area. Soon enough, this may destroy your floor and potentially the ceiling of your neighbour.

Usually, the factors that cause just one leak can cause several leakages. If you discover water spilling from the underside, it is ideal not to attempt and fix the issue on your own. Place a container under the leak or a temporary tape around the pipe and call in an experienced Toronto plumber as soon as possible.

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