Our upstairs bathroom toilet wobbled/rocked a few months ago. I replaced the gasket myself, didn’t do it right, and there was a leak.

The second time I did it with a friend who has some experience with it, the gasket was installed correctly and no more leaks. We had someone come in to dry the place up and everything was fine for a couple of months.

The toilet became wobbly/rocking again recently and we noticed the leak again downstairs where there’s a small brown spot and it’s wet. We stopped using the toilet a few days ago and it’s no longer wet.

My guess is that because it’s rocking again, the gasket is now compromised and need to be replaced. I would like someone to come in, to replace the gasket, do some adjustment so that the toilet doesn’t rock anymore and confirms that it was indeed the source of the leak.

If we can get a quote for the cost for this service, we’d appreciate it. It’s not an emergency.

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