It was a big job. I wanted to get 2 quotes. Mister Plumber was my first quote. I almost didn’t go for another quote because I trusted Volodymyr, as he explained everything throughly and I thought that the price quoted was very fair. I felt like the job was in good hands, it would be well done and good value. It was just a very good feeling. I also went to Waterworks for a quote – easy decision, they were over 2 times the quote of Mister Plumber and the person presenting the quote did not make me feel confident that they would do the job well. Mister Plumber performed the job better than I ever imagined. They told me that since they have to dig up part of my driveway to access the city pipes, they can’t guarantee that they can put everything back, ie they are not a landscaping company too. I understood. In the end, after a full day of digging and several large deep holes in my driveway, I arrived home from work and couldn’t even tell that any work had been done!! There was no indentation in my driveway and where they replaced pipes inside was totally clean.

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