Septic Tank Issues etobicokeToronto homeowners may not be aware that they are responsible for maintaining the sewer line from their home to the main sewer line. This line under your property will eventually, at some point in time, have damage due to breaks in the pipes, roots, chemicals and even construction in the area. However, perhaps the most common problem is clogs that require sewer cleaning.

The good news is that Toronto plumbing companies now have technology to help identify the area of the clog. This includes small cameras that can go through the sewer pipes to the site of the clog and display on a hand held monitor or laptop the specific cause of the problem. If the issue is because of a clog and not actual damage to the pipe the emergency sewer cleaning services can be relatively low cost compared to a major sewer line repair.

Gurgling and Backups

In your home all fixtures and appliances that use water have a connection to secondary sewer lines that feed into the main line from your house to the city sewer system. This works on a gravity process to create the draining ability of the system.

If a secondary sewer line needs sewer cleaning, or drain cleaning, before it joins with other lines you will typically see slow draining or water standing in that drain only. However, if the clog is further down the system below where other secondary lines come into the system you may hear gurgling or bubbling in other fixtures when water is draining through any of those affected drains.

Options for Sewer Cleaning

In the smaller secondary lines where the plumber can identify the location of the clog by what is backing up and where, an auger, also called a snake, is inserted into the drain to try to push through the clog and allow the water to flow.

Another sewer cleaning option, and one that may be used after the auger or as a first option, is to run high pressure water through the drains and literally flush out the source of the clog. This is a simple fix to the problem and one that can be done routinely to keep all your drains running freely and prevent the need for emergency sewer cleaning services.

We can provide 24/7 emergency sewer cleaning services or provide regular cleaning for clog prevention.

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